My story! Who is Roman Gerardo?

This is me now!
After graduating from Film school, the world economy crashed and I saw myself in Miami with a diploma on my wall, a bunch of used photography equipment and missing a quarter to buy anything from the dollar menu.
I applied and got a job working as assistant at an art gallery getting out of my mind the idea of ever shoot again.
Given my former studies in Art History, the introduction of this world of dealing art came to me pretty understandable so there I went...!
My now 15 years career as art consultant started. 
 Consulting, dealing and developing art collections at several art galleries and international fairs like Art Basel, Scope, Art Wynwood, Context, and more gave me the best perspective when it comes to how the fine art industry works...inside out
 Throughout all these years, I started attending all kind of art events and institutions including opening nights, museums, galleries, fairs, estate art sales, art auctions, etc....and began collecting all kind of works on paper that I could find and afford! It was like this that my (on the side) career as collector and dealer started. 

Some years within my new role as art consultant and with my Canon 10D still working, I also took Miami as the main character of my featured film, but this time using only stills.

From architectures masterpieces to simple color schemes and out-of-this-world designs and patterns, Miami has too much to show off, If all it takes to get the photos is to have a camera, a tripod, and a fresh head full of photography techniques and aesthetics rules to break, I’m right here for that!
This is me with my Canon 10D (6.3 megapixels) circa 2009
Roman Gerardo (b. 1979 Havana, Cuba -) is a visual artist focused on mixed media fine art photography based in Miami Beach, Florida.
Even though his vocation for photography started at a short age, Roman developed his interest for the visual arts with studies in Film and Art History. All this, summed up with a vast career as art consultant (15+years) gave the author the opportunity to collaborate with great names inside the contemporary art fields.

The fascination for seascapes and fine art aerial photography has always been a subject of constant interest, attraction, and discussion. Now, using a mix of very specific old school and contemporary techniques he creates images with a constant presence of beautiful aesthetics with an artsy allure.

“With my prints, I desire to take the viewer to a new dimension where classic fine art and a contemporary point of view collide with the most intriguing and remarkable ocean location ever existed, South Beach”

“ The way I see art is similar to the way we discover ourselves through the paths of our lives. I am intrigued by the relationship between time and light and how their simplicity can change the course of … literally everything. My art is basically a journey where self-expression and experiences merge in the process of achieving the understanding"



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